ANNUAL REPORT (2021-2022)

“Aristotle rightly said that educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all”.

The academic session 2021-22 commenced under the guidance of the DPS Daulatpur management from 3rd April,2021 for all classes amidst the lockdown due to COVID 19.The syllabus to be covered along with the lesson plan and the timetable was framed online keeping in mind the physical and mental well-being of the students, without overburdening them.

One activity period along with other subjects were scheduled everyday.WhatsApp group of students of each class was created . The study material in the form of PPTs,Videos,hand written notes, You Tube links, were shared to the students on WhatsApp group at the assigned time on working days. The major teaching platform Microsoft Teams was used.

The study material and training session by the DPSS for Academic Excellence was instrumental in such trying times. Teachers underwent a variety of training from Diksha and CBSE and kept themselves updated. The IT teachers and assistance provided enough training for us through Microsoft Teams platform.

Virtual Teaching:

“It is not the strongest of the species that survives,nor the most intelligent; it is the one mostadaptable to change”. Technology cannot replace great teachers.However technology in the hands of great teachers can be a transformation. Classroom teaching was partially taken away by virtual teaching.

List of Virtual Activities and Competitions in School (2021-22)

S.No. Activities Class Date
1 Celebration of ‘Earth Day’ Pre primary 22 April, 2021
2 Cyber Quest V-IX 30 April, 2021
3 Labour Day Prep. Jr.-VIII 1 May, 2021
4 Mothers Day Prep. Jr-VIII 09 May, 2021
5 EID Celebration Prep.Jr. VIII 14 May, 2021
6 My colorful World Prep.jr. 22 May, 2021
7 Buddha Purnima Prep.jr-VII 26 May, 2021
8 Plant Saplings Pre primary 05 June, 2021
9 Fun with colors Pre primary 11 June, 2021
10 Clay Modelling Prep.Jr 14 June, 2021
11 Chocolate Day Prep. Jr. -VII 07 July, 2021
12 Show and tell Activity Prep.Jr 10 July, 2021
13 Eid Celebration Pre primary 21 July, 2021
14 Science Exhibition IV 24 July, 2021
15 Story telling by grandparents Pre Primary 25 July, 2021
16 Tiger Day Activity Prep. Sr. 29 July, 2021
17 Shivratri Celebration Prep.Jr& Prep.Sr. 07 August, 2021
18 75th Independence Day Celebration Prep.jr-XII 15 August, 2021
19 Raksha Bandhan Celebration Prep.Jr-VIII 21 August, 2021
20 A Virtual InterHouse Quiz Competition VI-VIII 28 August, 2021
21 Teachers Day Celebration Prep. Jr. -X. 05 September, 2021
22 Ganesh Chathurthi Prep. Jr. & Prep. Sr. 10 September, 2021
23 Hindi Poem Recitation Prep. Jr. & Prep. Sr. 25 September, 2021
24 Gandhi Jayanti Prep.Jr& Prep.Sr. 02 October, 2021
25 Dance Activity Prep. Jr.&Prep.Sr. 09 October, 2021
26 Prize Distribution Ceremony(Kalagan) I-VIII 09 October, 2021
27 Dusshera Celebration Prep.Jr-X 15 October , 2021
28 General knowledge(Quiz) II- V 23 October,2021
29 InterClass G.A ( Quiz) Competition I-V 30 October, 2021
30 Diwali Celebration Prep,Jr-X 03 November, 2021
31 Children’s Day I-X 14 November, 2021
32 Intersection result of drawing and colouring /painting competition. VI- VIII 4 December,2021
33 Visit – ‘A Zoo’ Activity Prep.Jr&Prep.Sr. 11 December,2021
34 Inter school creative Art and Craft competition( KALANGAN) VII-VIII 18 December, 2021
35 Interschool science Quiz Competition. VI-X 21 December, 2021
36 Christmas Celebration Prep.Jr-VIII 25 December,2021
37 Republic Day Celebration Prep.Jr-X 26 January, 2022
38 Despedida: A GESTURE OF LOVE XII 26 February,2022
39 Sprout germination Activity VI 12 April,2022
40 First Day in school Pre.Jr- II 18 April, 2022
41 Baisakhi special Assembly V 19 April,2022
42 Cleaniness - Assembly V 22 April, 2022
43 Blessing Ceremony X 23 April,2022
44 Tribute to Lata Mangeshkar VI 26 April ,2022
45 Interhouse Dance Competition VI-IX 2 May ,2022
46 Celebration EID Special Assembly IV 8 May, 2022
47 Mother’s day Celebration Prep .Jr.-VIII 8 May, 2022
48 Science Club Activity I-X 9 May, 2022
49 Taste and identify Activity V 12 May, 2022
50 The Earth –(OUR PLANET) Prep. Sr.-X 12 May, 2022
51 Sprout germination Activity -VI 13 May, 2022
52 Absorption on fibres Activity VI 13 May, 2022
53 Healthy food v/s Junk food Prep Jr 14 May, 2022
54 Dissection of flowers –Biology (ACTIVITY) XII 20 May, 2022
55 Bread mould Activity V 20 May, 2022
56 International Family Day –Special Assembly III 20 May,2022
57 Trees are our friends IV 23 May,2022

Virtual Workshops for Teachers/Principal (2021-22)

S.No. Workshop Participant Organised by Venue Date
1 Addressing Challenges in Post COVID Schooling Teachers CBSE Online Session 12 May, 2021
2 Experiential Learning in Practice Teachers CBSE Online Session 17 May, 2021
3 Content and Time Management Teachers CBSE Online Session 18 May, 2021
4 Importance of Gratitude Teachers CBSE Online Session 19 May, 2021
5 30-30 STEM By IIT Gandhinagar Teachers CBSE Online Session 16 May, 2021
6 Art and Craft of MATHEMATICS Teachers CBSE Online Session 13 April, 2021
7 Assessment in Mathematics Teachers CBSE Online Session 17 April, 2021
8 Happy teachers Creating Happy Spaces Teachers CBSE Online Session 19 April, 2021
9 Innovative Pedagogy in Mathematics Experiential learning Teachers CBSE Online Session 19 April, 2021
10 Emotional Intelligence Teachers CBSE Online Session 22April,2021
11 Book Acquisition in Library Teachers CBSE Online Session 22 April,2021
12 Gender Constructs Teachers CBSE Online Session 22 April,2021
13 Integration of Arts in English(IX-X) Teacher CBSE Online Session 24 April,2021
14 Innovative Pedagogy in History Teacher CBSE Online Session 26 April, 2021
15 Integration of Arts in Biology Principal CBSE Online Session 29 April,2021
16 Creating Joyful Classrooms through the Arts. Teachers DPSS Online Session 20 April, 2021
17 Theatre in Education Teachers DPSS Online Session 23 April, 2021
18 Integration of Social sciences &Nuances of Teaching History Teachers DPSS Online Session 26 April,2021
19 Making Political Sciences more interesting. Teachers DPSS Online Session 27 April, 2021
20 Making Geography Creative and Engaging Teachers DPSS Online Session 28 April, 2021
21 Integrating History and Geography Teachers DPSS Online Session 30 April, 2021
22 Flipped Classrooms and Flipped Learning. Teacher DPSS Online Session 03 May, 2021
23 How to flip your Classroom? Teacher DPSS Online Session 05 May,2021
24 Appreciating Art Teacher DPSS Online Session 06 May, 2021
25 21st Century Skills Teacher DPSS Online Session 11 May,2021
26 Impact of Lesson Study on Students Achievement Teacher DPSS Online Session 12 May, 2021
27 Multilingual Approach in ECE Teacher DPSS Online Session 21 June,2021
28 Shaping Classroom Interactions through Music and Puppetry. Teacher DPSS Online Session 22 June, 2021
29 Early Intervention &Children with special needs Teacher DPSS Online Session 23 June,2021
30 Developing Reading Skills. Teacher DPSS Online Session 24 June,2021
31 Theatre Education Activities for School &Homeschooling Teachers DPSS Online Session 25 June,2021
32 Integrating Foundational Literacy and Numeracy with Toy based Pedagogy Teachers DPSS Online Session 25 June,2021
33 Playful literacies..Children making their own books Teachers DPSS Online Session 28 June, 2021
34 Impact of lesson Study on students ‘Achievement & teachers’Professional Learning. Teachers DPSS Online Session 03 June,2021
35 Integrating History and Geography Teachers DPSS Online Session 04 June,2021
36 Step by Step Fun with Writing Teachers DPSS Online Session 08 June, 2021
37 Teaching English Prose Teacher DPSS Online Session 09 June, 2021
38 Formative Assessments Teacher DPSS Online Session 09 June,2021
39 Honing Grammar Skills Teacher DPSS Online Session 10 June, 2021
40 Enhancing Communication Skills Teacher DPSS Online Session 11 June,2021
41 21st Century skills Principal DPSS Online Session 13 July, 2021
42 The Three Energies of E-Learning: Igniting presence in your online classroom Principal DPSS Online Session 14 July,2021
43 Gifted Education Strategies Principal DPSS Online Session 16 July ,2021
44 Innovation and Entrepreneurship in Education Teacher DPSS Online Session 20 July,2021
45 Marketing Management and Consumer Protection Act Teacher DPSS Online Session 22 July,2021
46 Account beyond debits and credits: Real world perpectives Teacher DPSS Online Session 4 August,2021
47 The Challenges of the Indian Economy: Including the COVID Times Teacher DPSS Online Session 21 September,2021
48 Online Workshops in office Management by YMCA Administrative staff DPSS Session 18-22 October,2021
49 SAMVAD-counselling Sessions for the School Counsellors Teacher DPSS Online Session 22-25 November,2021
50 Design and Creativity: Implementation of some Aspects of the NEP-2020 Teacher DPSS Online Session 20 December,2021
51 Strategies to Implement the Vision of the NEP In School Assessments Teacher DPSS Online Session 11 January,2022
52 How to Design a Good Question Paper Teacher DPSS Online Session 12 January,2022

School reopening:

With the due permission from the State Government and the CBSE the school began offline classes for the students of class X and XII in January 2021. We abided all guidelines of CBSE and the government regarding sanitizing of classrooms, washroomsand maintaining proper social distance among students in a classroom.

Art Integration:

Since the inception of the School art education has given utmost importance.We expanded ourselves to flipped classrooms and blended teaching to make learning fun-filled and effective for our students.The concept of Art integration in the National Educational Policy introduced by CBSE IN 2020 was implemented by our school to make learning joyful. The liberty to choose any kind of art form whether visual or performing art opened varied fields for students to explore.Also the creative blend under EK BHARAT SHRESHTHA BHARAT PROGRAMME the School and students not only learnt but also manifested the beauty in diversity. The partner state was Karnataka .The enthusiasm and participation shown by students even during this pandemic was not only overwhelming but also encouraging.

Academic Achievements:

We at DPS,Daulatpur set a benchmark and worked relentlessly towards the result.
Class XII and X Students’ hard work and toil paid off in the form of the stupendous result seen in the Board Examination.


Star Performer of the year (2021-22) School Topper - and Subjects’Topper –(BEST FOUR)-


  • (Science)Vedant Arora 95.4%, Akshit Rathore 94%
  • (Humanities) Shreya Yadav 92.6%
  • (Commerce) Vedhant Dhaundiyal 91.4%



  • Shivam Harshwardhan 96.8%,
  • Krishiv Gupta 95.85%
  • Nikhil Bansal 95.4%,
  • Manya Gupta 94.8%
  • Anushree Sharma 94.4%
  • Akansha Chauhan 94.4%
  • Aashutosh Kedia 94.4%
  • Arambhika Singh 94.2%
  • Priya Kumari 94%
  • Shikhar Awasthi 93.4%
  • Devashish Sharma 93.4%
  • Shruti Kirti Singh 93.2%
  • Aakansha Chauhan 92.8%
  • Yashasvi Yadav 90.2%
  • Nitikansha Nayani 90.2%
  • Sayan Biswas 90%


Adding on to one more laurel to DPS Daulatpur Tanush Gautam of Class VI A won trophy of victory for Uttarakhand in a cricket tournament organized for students under 14 by School Cricket Association held in Rishikesh .

“Competition makes us faster; Collaboration makes us Better.”

Extracurricular activities not only help in setting the young learners at school but also pave a route to rediscover their innate capabilities.These activities are great for developing general academic and soft skills. Balancing a number of commitments can help to improve students’ time management skills,while finding an area where they can boost self-confidence .’KALANGAN’an Interschool creative Art and Craft Competition was organized on 18 December,2021 students from various schools participated in the Competition .Interschool Science Quiz Competition was organized ( Association of Alliance clubs International) on 21December,2021. Interhouse Dance Competition,Interhouse solo singing Competition International Yoga Day, World Bicycle Day and many more activities were conducted.

Despedida: A gesture of love for class XII. DPS Daulatpur organized ‘Despedida’-Farewell for the first batch of class XII on February 26th,2022 The students of class XI made several arrangements for this ceremony from beautiful handmade invitation cards to decorations and mesmerizing performances. Pro Vice Chairman Mr. Vikas Goyal and Directors Mr.Peeyush Jain and Mr.Ajay Jain along with the Principal Ms.Poonam Shrivastava blessed all the students for their bright future.

School clubs: All the clubs members conducted activities for the students online and offline too.Students carried on their role actively by participating in it. Collage Making Competition, Quiz Competition,seminars and workshops were conducted.

Talent Hunt Virtual 2021-22- I am Me

Each one of us carries unique undiscovered potential within ourselves. In order to unleash the inherent hidden talent of its students,Delhi Public School Daulatpur organised a virtual talent hunt competition-I am Me.Students from Prep.Jr .to IX&XIParticipated andshowcased their unique talents like singing dancing,playing musical instruments, stand-upcomedy and many more.

OLYMPIAD: Students participated in Science, English,Maths and G.K. Olympiad virtually.

The capacity to learn is a gift; the ability to learn is a skill; the willingness to learn is a choice.
Seminar and workshops: A seminar on ‘Educating youth to sensitise on abuse of Drugs, traffic and Cybercrime’was organized on 30th April 2022 by Haridwar Police Bhartiya Jagrukta Samiti at DPS Daulatpur where we had the dignitaries from Haridwar to educate the students on the subjects like drugs, traffic and cybercrime. The children acquired a lot of information through this session.

The reward for work well done is the opportunity to do more. Prize Distribution Ceremony was organized in our school on the 9th of October 2021.After almost one and a half years, we had an event organized on a real platform and celebrated it with fervor, albeit with all possible precautions in place. The winners of the competitions and Top-scorers of the session 2019-20 and 2020-21 along with their parents were cordially invited to the event. Prizes, medals, trophies and certificates for the titleholders of the 3rd INTERSCHOOL CREATIVE ART AND CRAFTCOMPETITION-‘KALANGAN’,1ST Virtual Talent Hunt-‘ I AM ME ‘and academic achievers were felicitated by esteemed guests.