Fit India Movement

Day 1- Yoga For All

Yoga sessions were held for children under the Fit India School Week. Conducted by Ms Itika Mehta.

Day 2- Free Hand Exercises

Free Hand Exercises were held for students. This helps students relax and enjoy both mentally and physically. It improves performance and reduce prevalence of injuries and increase coordination. It also increases heart rate and blood circulation gradually. It increases body temperature and permits freer movement of the joints. This is great for weight loss. It helps them de- stress, improves coordination and the most important that it makes them happy. Conducted by Sanjeet Singh Negi

Day 3- Sports Quiz

Sports Quiz was held in DPS Daulatpur in which students of classes 6, 7 and 8 participated. Students were categories in three teams, Team A, Team B and Team C according to their classes in which Team A secured first position ( class 6), Team C secured second position ( class 8) and Team B secured third position ( class 7). – Conducted by Ms. Richa Sharma

Day 4- Physical Activities

A lot of activities were held in school to promote physical fitness among students and teachers.These activities ranged from dance, yoga to aerobics and mass P.T. These activities were held under the supervision of Mr. Kamal Kumar.